Our history

KP2i is today an IT Services Compagny as well as a consulting firm.

With its first four years of large-scale IT projects, KP2i decided to complete its offer in 2009 with digital solutions (Web, Mobile, E-business ...).

To meet the expectations of the IT - Communication - Marketing departments, KP2i has developed a third-party application-based in 2011. Our areas of expertise and our skills are the result of 10 years of existence, collaboration and work with our Clients in France but also internationally.

Our consultants have both business skills and specific technical skills. They are able to answer and understand the needs that emanate from different departments (IT, Marketing, Communication) or to manage the various external actors of a project.

These experienced and autonomous profiles are the key factor in the success of our clients' projects.

Our values

Digital and IT services is a vast and heterogeneous sector. Whether from a customer or IT services perspective, success is invariably built on a good approach to everyone's issues.

KP2i is committed to supporting careers as projects, men as means, results as ambitions.

KP2i agrees on 7 requirements:

Technical and human know-how
Adaptability to your needs
A capacity for analysis and reaction
Continuous availability
A proximity of services
A permanent questioning

Because a professional recognition is built day by day, KP2i hopes to answer all your questions.

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Our team

Arnaud Lenotte

Dirigeant et Responsable Commercial

Thomas Zacharczuk

Manager Commercial KP2i Ouest

Ningxin Alingrin-Qiu

Responsable Administratif et Financier

Aissam Arnoun

Responsable Pole Ingénierie Logicielle